We build a wide variety of presentations:
  • PowerPoint presentations in a graphical and creative approach – not just "template design". See this project example »
  • Flash presentations
  • Prezi, a new and trendy type of presentation.
Prezi is an interesting, modern technique for presentation creation. Imagine your presentation as an infinite desktop, and your slides are tossed all over the place in different shapes, sizes and angles. The presentation is actually a camera that runs through a predefined route and views your table at all kinds of zoom levels and different directions. Some say that the Prezi experience is a PowerPoint killer. In our opinion, it is not a competitor; they are totally different products, each with advantages and disadvantages. One thing we can say is that Prezi is an impressive and fascinating experience. Who can create Prezis? Anyone can! And even for free (under certain conditions). Go to Prezi and discover for yourself!
We build professional Prezi presentations that include creative content and graphics.
Go to our Prezi channel and experience some of our presentations »
What is so special about your presentations and movies? Many short conversations about our services end up being: "So you do Flash, Prezi, PowerPoint and After Effects.” “No, that it is not true.” “It is very true, but the names mentioned here are only tools.” What we do best is often called "visual storytelling". And at this point, I often get raised eyebrows from my conversation partner, especially when I'm sitting in front of a senior executive. Storytelling is not easy to digest, especially when I mention illustrations. The following comment I usually get is "Just make sure it does not become a children's fairytale.” Some of our customers are not comfortable with this approach; in these cases, we follow their wishes. Our experience shows that for the great majority of cases, it just works. We get a PowerPoint presentation or written page and sometimes none of those. The process consists of disassembling the existing content, sharpening the messages, reassembly, sketch, illustration and presentation. There is also audio, animation and post when the project is a movie. Executives that have worked with us in our methods are still getting great feedback at the end of the presentation/video.
We number 1 to 5. Each project has its uniqueness and its requirements. There are projects that I do by myself. But most projects require a professional team, according to the nature of the project. The team may include an illustrator and a Hebrew/English content writer if the customer requires. If it's a video, there is also a sound man and a narrator. This flexibility allows us to adapt ourselves to the customer’s requirements.
There is always something extra that needs to be done. We have past experience in fields as diverse as web design development and 3D modeling. We sometimes create landing pages, websites, logos, business cards and many other complementary services.
“Koomkoom” is a teapot in the Hebrew language. In the past, Koomkoom Multimedia was focused on 3D modeling. The Utah Teapot is undoubtedly the most famous icon of three-dimensional computer graphics. Read about it here.